Melobar Returns
January 2011

The New Rattler is here. Take a look at these two prototypes. Serial Number One will debut shortly, but will look identical to the mahogany model here.

We also have some other prototypes showing our redesign of the old SXL frame. We are using this body shape for a variety of 6 and 8 string lap steel models. Here is a look at some the ideas we are playing with.

Take a look at Ted's new "From the Workbench" page. He will share his last ideas here.

In February, we will be at the Amigo Nashville Guitar Show on February 9-10. If you are in the area, stop by and see the new Rattler and few other surprises. The show is produced by the 4 Amigos, producers of some of the best guitar shows in the country including the Arlington show in Texas, the largest vintage guitar show around. In addition to seeing Melobar, you may find some vintage lap steel gems from some of the top vintage guitar dealers in the country who will be exhibiting there.

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Look for an all new Melobar website to be launched in February.

Current Melobar inventory is available in our Ebay store. You can also buy from us directly by emailing us at or calling 800-942-6509.